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The volume of Human Resource Legislation has increased exponentially over the last few years and it can be an extremely daunting challenge for many small to medium sized organisation to keep up with the pace of change. Failure to understand your obligations as an employer can result in many difficulties including potentially financially penalties.

DNT Human Resource Consultancy can offer support and advice to these organisations or as a point of contact to Human Resource Officers in larger organisations on employment and Human Resource consultancy services such as:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Drafting & implementation of Policies & Procedures, such as:
    • Grievance and Disciplinary Policies and Procedures
    • Dismissal Procedure
    • Retirement Policy and Procedure
    • Harassment and Bullying Policy
    • Equality & Diversity Policy
    • Family Friendly policy (including time off for maternity, paternity, adoption and dependants and flexible working)
    • Redundancy Policy
    • Absence to include, sickness, bereavement and carers leave
    • Recruitment & Selection Fair Employment Policy
    • Capability procedure
    • Inappropriate Behaviour Policy
    • Whistle Blowing Policy
    • Alcohol & Drugs Policy
    • Smoking Policy
    • Stress Policy
  • Drafting Employee Handbooks
  • Recruitment & Selection Process including conducting interviews on the Employers behalf or as a member on the panel.
  • Conducting or advising on Disciplinary meetings.

Contact: Anna Harkness (MCIPD), HR Manager at DNT Chartered Accountants and Member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development.

Ormeau House
91-97 Ormeau Road
Tel: 028 90 32 00 39
Fax: 028 90 24 30 67
Email: anna@dntca.com

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