Belfast Activity Centre

On Friday 20th May 2011 DNT employees tested their trust for each other at a teambuilding activity at the Belfast Activity High Ropes course. The course was much higher than many of us anticipated and it was with great trepidation that we began to venture around the tree top course.......strong winds & rain causing the course to wobble precariously only added to the excitement!!

We all managed to complete the course successfully with a lot of advice & encouragement for each other and with a lot of help from the excellent Belfast Activity staff!

Some of the braver employees then attempted the 'Leap of Faith' where they climbed onto what can only be descried as a bird table and leapt into the air to catch a metal triangle....needless to say I was not one of the brave ones but shouted much encouragement from the safety of the ground!!

As we had managed to survive the days event we thought we deserved to celebrate with a glass of wine....or 2 and so finished the evening with some great food in Darcy's followed by some very dangerous dancing moves at 21 Social..........have a look at the pictures & videos......the worst ones have obviously been removed!!

Click here to see more photos from the day.

Belfast Activity Centre
Belfast Activity Centre

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